It’s hard to find anything to talk about these days except how darn cold it is. However, everybody knows, or should know, that the first half of April is just as likely to be wintry as spring-like. That March 21 ‘first day of spring’ business was never intended to apply to this part of the world. We can remember an April not too many years ago when it was minus 20 at night for several days in the middle of the month. Then there was that two-foot snowfall on April 23 one year. On the other hand, this newspaper recorded poplar leaves coming out near the golf course one year on April 21! Not much danger of that happening this spring.
* * * * *
The NHL playoffs start this week and you know what that means. A lot of people hereabouts have Rotary playoff pool forms to fill out, meaning players to pick from teams they think are going to go a long way in the tournament. Tough job! Chances are there’ll be a heavy emphasis on Nashville players. There was last year too. Maybe they’ll score a bit more this year and go all the way. But how about those upstart Las Vegas Knights? Are they for real? Can anybody explain it.?
And in the East? The Bruins have looked awfully strong lately. Toronto has been good too, but our feeling is most poolies will have a hard time taking them seriously. Washington? Could this be their year? We’ve been saying that for over a decade and they always come up short. And the Penguins. The experts at this newspaper thought they wouldn’t get far last year; look how wrong that was.
A Winnipeg – Toronto final would be nice. But it’d take a miracle.
* * * * *
Does anybody remember Faytene Kryskow? She grew up in Slave Lake and was a Roland Michener School graduate a couple of decades ago (roughly). Somebody alerted us recently to the fact she is a television personality these days, in the field of Christian broadcasting and has done quite well for herself, it seems. Sure enough, videos of her interviewing people and being interviewed are all over the World Wide Web. Her name these days is Faytene Grasseschi.
* * * * *
Interesting…. a class of Vancouver elementary school students will be visiting Wabasca on an exchange program sponsored by the YMCA. The news showed up in the Georgia Straight newspaper online last week.
* * * * *
You’ve probably noticed the AGM ad on this page for the local trail development group. Its main project for now is building a section of The Great Trail (otherwise known as the Trans Canada Trail) along the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake. The group recently lost its treasurer and is badly in need of some help in that vital area of bookkeeping. If you’d like to help or know someone who might, please give us a call at 780-849-4380.
* * * * *
Somebody faxed a letter to the editor last week, ‘Regarding Slave Lake Homeless Folk.’ Because it was not signed and had no contact information, it didn’t meet the requirements of our Letters to the Editor policy, which needs both those things. However, the gist of it was that somebody is upset by the news that homeless people have been kicked out of the shelter in town. ‘Shame on all of you,’ it says.
There’s more to this story, obviously. If somebody wants to talk about it – on the record – or submit a letter that is signed and with a contact phone number, we’ll use it.
On the positive side, thanks to the efforts of many, the shelter is open through April.

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