2017 Ice Breaker Hockey Game coming up on August 26

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

It’s hard to believe ‘The Great One’ and other celebrities will soon be wining and dining in Slave Lake for the annual Ice Breaker Hockey Game on August 26th, 2017.
There are two ticket options, one pricier than the other, but both include access to the event, views of guests, a full bar and food.
According to the official Ice Breaker website, option number one comes in at $625 (plus tax) for a single seat or $5,000 for a table of eight.
The Ice Breaker website says,“seating is on the floor where you may mingle with guests and some players. You will be served incredible Canadian cuisine prepared by local award-winning culinary artist, Tony Giesbrecht and complimentary wine.”
Option number two is $99 (plus tax) and includes local ‘fast serve’ food from Alimo’s that will have an Oilers theme. Guests who purchase this ticket option won’t be sitting on the floor alongside celebrities and won’t be receiving a full meal or wine.
Speaking of celebrities, this year’s lineup includes Wayne Gretzky, Gord Bamford, Vern Fiddler and appearances by Marty McSorley, Louie DeBrusk, Owen Nolan, Jeff Deslauriers, Joaquin Gage, Fernado Pisani, TJ Foster, Sean Brown, Rob Brown, Mike Green and others.
For more info, call 780-805-9581.

Wayne Gretzky

Gord Bamford

Vern Fiddler

Marty McSorley

Owen Nolan


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