2020 Beautiful Gardens

Evelyn Pacheco and her eight-year-old son, Riley, started their garden around March 20. They were home, bored and decided to plant
tomato, peppers, sunflower, and other seeds inside. Pacheco has been gardening for about 10 years, but has been serious about it the last five.
Pacheco’s yard is like a jungle with trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers all mixed together. Many of her vegetables are in pots, including her potatoes which she grows in plastic tubs.
Pacheco’s garden is in the southeast part of Slave Lake.

Evelyn Pacheco with one of her favourite parts of her garden. The tall yellow flowers are likely ligularia. The flower bed also has hostas, lilies, and other flowers. Pacheco has also added beets and cilantro in pots.
A flower bed framed with rocks in the shade of an oak. It is a mixed bed with ferns, lilies, hostas, and other flowers.
A hen and chicks bloom. It is a rock garden perennial.
A vine with lavender flowers with six petals. It might be a bonanza clematis.
A yellow and burgundy flower, possibly a cone flower.

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