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Chamber of Commerce President Brittany Giesbrecht

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Brittany Giesbrecht, Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce president, gave a brief report to the members at the Feb. 27 regular Chamber meeting on the annual business awards gala, which took place on Feb. 25 at the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake.
“It was a sold out event!” she said. “I’m always happy to report that and the feedback I’ve received so far has all been really positive. We’ll be dicussing it more in detail at our next board meeting, after which I can give you more of an in-depth report. But, overall I think it was a very successful event.”
The consensus, Giesbrecht added, was that the evening ran smoothly and everyone had a good time. She mentioned that one of the only things that could have been better was the timing between meal courses.
“Starting earlier is something we will look into for next year,” she said. “I’m not a night owl myself so when it was getting late I was ready for bed!”
Trade show
In other Chamber event-related news, Giesbrecht said they will be going forward with the 2017 spring trade show.
“This time last year the economy was down and registration was slow,” she said. “But we received feedback that there would be enough interest, so we still put on the tradeshow and minimized it from past years.”
Giesbrecht added, “Based on the direction from last year, we’re still going to run it. We had some concerns about attendance, so we are making sure to get on it right away and reach out to vendors.”
And if things don’t go as planned, Giesbrecht said the Chamber has up until 30 days before the event to cancel.
“Have you decided on an admission?” asked (subsequently-elected town councillor) Brice Ferguson, owner of Domino’s Pizza. “Thinking as a resident, I found last year’s price a little high. Personally I would say $5 or under would be good and would bring in that needed traffic.”
“The price is decided on by a committee,” said Giesbrecht. “I’ll make sure to bring that up at the upcoming meeting.”
Town news
During his Town of Slave Lake update, Mayor Tyler Warman said exciting Town news included curbside recycling, which Warman said the Town was able to get for a lower price.
“We were able to secure GFL for cheaper than previously,” he said. “Residents will notice the price of pick-up going down in their billing cycle.”
According to Warman, the new downtown revitalization plan is underway and going smoothly.
“The consultant is coming back on March 9th for round two,” he said. “Community engagement is a big priority for this project!”
Monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings for the general membership take place on the last Monday of each month, over lunch.

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