4-H and Icedogs join seniors in pumpkin-carving fun

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Tanya Dixon, the activities coordinator at the seniors’ lodge in Slave Lake, tells The Leader when community groups come and do things with the residents, it is a pretty big deal.

“It made their day,” she says, of a pumpkin-carving session last week. Helping out with the carving and socializing with the seniors were members of two organizations – the Northern Lights 4-H Club and the Slave Lake Icedogs.

Dixon goes on to say for some of the residents, such activities are lifetime firsts, and they appreciate it very much. She tells of one gentleman who approached her in tears and thanked her for what she does for the residents.

“Sometimes the simplest act of kindness is your time,” she says. “We’re their second family.”

James Arksey of the 4-H club says it’s the third year for club members to participate in pumpkin carving with the seniors, and visiting the lodge is part of the regular activity schedule for the club.

In other news from the lodge, a knitting club is busy with a project of making 500 hats and pairs of gloves for a local school!


These pumpkins at Vanderwell Lodge in Slave Lake are so scary they lost their colour altogether…..either that or they were white to begin with. Halloween is Thursday of this week, and according to the last weather forecast we saw conditions should be pretty good.
4-H club and Icedogs with the results of their work.
Slave Lake Icedogs’ goalie Colby Maguinis and Elsie Stenstrom having fun on a carving project.
Photos courtesy James Arksey
Northern Lights 4-H Club members Zach Brownless and Andrew Dyck do some carving with lodge resident Denny Auger.

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