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Hey, how about that Jesse Roper show the other night? Pretty hot stuff and the opening act was impressive too! That was Ian Rossiter and the Hot Club of Zama, a local group.
And the title of best-tasting ribs in North America has been taken over by Greg Gramiak. Sorry about that Tony Roma.
* * * * *
The Alberta Medical Association is once again looking for nominations for its AMA Achievement Awards. Eligible are “individuals who have contributed to the improvement of the quality of health care in Alberta.”
Nominations should be submitted by April 30. For a nomination form, contact [email protected], or telephone 780-482-2626. Ext. 3119.
* * * * *
By now, the Slave Lake Musical Theatre Association has held its first audition for parts in the play it plans to stage in the spring. We’d tell you the name of it, but we can’t remember what it is. It’s called ‘The Crazy Time!’ We’ll get back to you on how it went.
* * * * *
Yes, how are municipalities going to deal with the inevitable applications for development permits for marijuana grow-ops? It never crossed our minds, until last week when it came up in conversation. Apparently elected leaders are talking about it. Something else for them to figure out. A developing story. An unfolding situation.
* * * * *
The new United Conservative Party of Alberta is stirring into action at the constituency level. We expect to have a story on efforts to form a constituency association in the Lesser Slave Lake area – possibly even in this week’s Leader. It depends on an interview that hadn’t happened at the time of this writing.
* * * * *
How about young Terrance Alook, the Roland Michener junior high basketball player? He’s on a hot streak and leading the Smoky River Junior High School Basketball League in scoring after five games, with a 19.4 points per game average. That’s almost five PPG clear of the guy in second place. That’s in an eight-team league, in which by the way the Michener Rams are the only undefeated team.
* * * * *
Somebody must have advised rural municipal folks that a bit more formality is in order. Because at last week’s M.D. council meeting there was a lot of effort being made – not without a few slip-ups – to say ‘councillor this’ and ‘councillor that,’ instead of the usual first names. What’s that all about? Did somebody give them a good talking to?
It’s all the same to us – formality has a certain decorum that is appealing. Informality has a certain charm to it as long as it doesn’t go too far.

Quiz time; which volunteer firefighter did we catch in the arena the other day with a great big starchy, greasy, cheesy meal in his hand?

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