911 is not for reporting UFOs

Hey! Leave those 911 operators alone!

Reasons not to call 9-1-1: this is something the RCMP sent around to its contacts last week. Some of the examples of the calls are pretty funny. To whit: ‘My phone settings are all in another language. How can I change it back?’

‘Can you bring me a hamburger? I am hungry and cannot drive!’

‘I need you to stop my teenage son from vaping!’

‘My neighbour is plowing snow incorrectly!’

Also numerous calls reporting suspicious satellites.

The point is that this sort of stuff takes up time and interferes with the handling of actual emergencies.

One suspects there are a lot of lonely, or frightened, or frustrated people out there, who just need somebody to talk to. Fair enough, but there must be some other option. Tying up the 9-1-1 switchboard is not the thing to do.

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