A Conservative Government will always respect Alberta

Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock

Albertans quite reasonably expect the rest of the country, including the federal government, to be in their corner. Albertans have contributed more than $600 billion to the rest of Canada since 1967. But when Albertans went through tough economic times in 2015-16 and 2016-17, caused in no small part by the anti-energy policies of the Liberal government, Justin Trudeau left them behind.

Make no mistake, the Trudeau government, and the other parties on the left, do not respect the West.

Canada’s Conservatives believe that the federal government should work with the provinces as a partner instead of dictating to them. In 2019, Canada’s premiers unanimously endorsed a proposal to reform the Fiscal Stabilization Program.

This month, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announced Canada’s Conservatives will implement the proposed changes in the Fiscal Stabilization Program and ensure that provinces like Alberta receive retroactive compensation that can be reinvested.
Mr. O’Toole stated: “Even as Alberta’s economy suffered with massive reductions in resource revenues, Albertans continued to pay more than their fair share to support the rest of the country. You have been there for Canada. So it’s only fair that the rest of Canada be there for you.”

A Conservative government will implement an Equalization Rebate, to give Albertans back some of the extra money they’ve paid during these tough years. The Equalization Rebate will give $5 billon back to provinces paying more than their fair share during some of their hardest years, with $4 billion going back to Alberta.

Conservatives will also:

•Repeal Bill C-69 and fix the Impact Assessment process
•Put an end to the Shipping Ban in British Columbia
•Fast-track review of emissions-reducing projects
•Actually get the Trans Mountain pipeline project built
•Implement a federal LNG Export Strategy
•Pass the Equalization and Transfers Fairness Act

The Alberta Court of Appeal recently put it simply: “The federal government is not the parent; and the provincial governments are not its children.”

A Conservative government will listen to the provinces, address their priorities, and respect their autonomy in areas of provincial jurisdiction. We will restore open and respectful federalism and will treat the provinces as true partners in Confederation to begin to heal the division caused by the Trudeau Liberals.

There is only one party that is capable to forming government that will fix this unfairness for Alberta – Canada’s Conservatives. We will stand up for all Albertans.

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