A good guy, who got a lot done

Gerry Allarie was a good guy. A lot of people were saying a lot of nice things about the local businessman, former mayor, community supporter and family man who died last week at the age of 65. But that one, from former town council colleague Bill Pearson, sums it all up. He was a good guy. Enough said.
On the other hand, there are a lot of good guys who don’t accomplish a tenth of what Allarie did. To each according to his talents, as they say.
Allarie had plenty of talents. He applied them in service of his businesses and did well, but he didn’t leave it there. Pretty much from the day he arrived in Slave Lake in the mid-1980s he was putting himself out there as a volunteer to help make the community a better place.
A good example is his term as president and general manager of the Slave Lake Wolves. What was non-hockey guy (with no kids in hockey) doing that for? The answer probably isn’t very complicated; he saw a need and wanted to help. He kept doing that in various ways the full 31 years of his time in Slave Lake. He was a good guy, and on top of that he got a lot of stuff done.


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