A number of things

There are a number of things that could be said about a large gathering of people, un-masked, in defiance of the health regulations. One is that it is reckless, inconsiderate, etc, etc. We’re referring of course to the ‘All Fired Up For Freedom’ rally that happened in Slave Lake on March 4. Another thing that could be said is that it was a reminder of what we’re missing. I.e. community events. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to attend anything it seemed strange but also strangely a relief to be out among people again.

On a related note, an article in last week’s High Prairie South Peace News reported that Benita Pedersen, the organizer of the rally, pulled the plug on a similar one she’d had lined up for Peace River on March 5. This happened after “community members spoke out against it,” says the story by Susan Thompson. The article quotes at length a letter to Pedersen by Joanne Boutet, asking her not to come to Peace River.

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