A role for government in housing

What to do about housing? If it’s true nobody (or almost nobody) is building in Slave Lake because it’s just too expensive, a couple of questions arise.

One is how the community is supposed to grow, if nobody can afford to build.

Another is where people of moderate to low income are supposed to live, with or without new housing units added to the market.

The answer might lie with government incentives. At least it’s very hard to imagine private business interests coming to the rescue. All things being equal, and the market functioning as it should (or maybe as believers in unfettered free enterprise and minimal government involvement imagine it should), the problem should take care of itself.

Is there any sign of that happening?

No there isn’t. There are signs of other things happening. One is more homeless people. Another is more people than ever using food banks. Some of them might be doing it because after paying rent and other bills, they don’t have enough left for food. One person, a semi-retired tradesman, tells The Leader he has to keep working or he might end up homeless himself, his income is so modest and prices are so high.

So….there has to be a role for government to alleviate some of this.

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