A word or two for the good people

A word of recognition is in order, we think, for unselfish people who do good things to make their communities better places to live. Who knows what motivates them, and frankly, who cares? It’s what they do that counts.
One of them is Leonard LeBlanc, who spends a lot of time making sure the outdoor ice surfaces are in good shape for folks in Slave Lake to enjoy during the colder months. Of course he gets help and last week he stopped into The Leader to let us know about a local business changing the tires on the tractor he uses, for no charge. That was Kal Tire, a good corporate citizen in its own right. While they were at it they put studs in the front tires, also on the house. Good stuff!
Then there are the folks who bring six or seven high quality musical or comedy shows to Slave Lake every year. Why do they do that? Certainly not for profit. Maybe just because it’s fun and people appreciate it.
Other people we know go out of their way to clean up litter in certain areas. They aren’t doing that for fun, or the good of their health. Just pitching in and doing their bit to make things better. God knows there are enough people doing their bit to make things worse – especially in the littering department.
So be of good cheer! (As one of the A&W cribbage crew is fond of saying.) The world is full of a number of things, and one of them is good people making things better. Of course by mentioning a few we’re leaving out lots more. Most aren’t in it for the recognition, but a bit of that is nice at times. One way to do it is by nominating someone for the Citizen of the Year and Lifetime Volunteer Awards. These are awarded during Volunteer Week in April, usually, and we start officially advertising for nominations in about the middle of February. But why wait! We’re tired of January anyway, and are already thinking in terms of February, when the days get longer, temperatures milder and winter is more fun.

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