AB Taekwondo students win medals in Westlock

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On February 29, 14 students, from Slave Lake’s AB Taekwondo, won medals at the eighth annual Westlock Taekwondo Tournament. They competed in sparring, poomsae (patterns) and an exhibition.

“Their performance was stunning!” says Ava Briones, co-owner of AB Taekwondo. “These kids are true inspiration to us all!”

Two seven-year-olds competed. These are Lamar Ali and Kaiden Dreelan.

Ali competed as a yellow belt. He competed in sparring and won gold.

Dreelan, a green belt, won gold in sparring and bronze in poomsae.

The largest group was the eight-year-olds, with five participating. All five won gold.

Yellow belt Adrian Lee competed in sparring and won gold.

Orange belt Hannah Joseph won gold in both.

Ali Kahwaji is a purple belt. He also won gold in both.

As did blue belt, Alexa Briones.

Riley Flanagan, green belt, placed silver in sparring and bronze in poomsae.

Three nine-year-olds competed. Jordan Badry, an orange belt, won gold in poomsae and bronze in sparring. Two green belts also competed. Akio Cijon Thapaliya and Keegan Warman both won in sparring and silver in poomsae. Warman also placed silver in the exhibition.

Jana Ali (10) competed in the yellow green stripe category. She placed silver in both.

Lana Ali (11) also competed as a yellow belt with a green stripe. She won gold in both.

The other 11-year-old, Connor Kinahan, placed silver in both for green belt with a blue stripe.

The oldest competitor from AB Taekwondo, Bailey McClanaghan is 12. She competed a red belt. She placed silver in poomsae and sparring, and bronze in the exhibition.

On March 3 and 4, AB Taekwondo students did belt testing, which means that most if not all of the above medalists will be competing in a different belt class at the next tournament.

AB Taekwondo spring classes run from March 11 to May 22.

Shahrazad Abu Salim (6) breaks a board in her test for a yellow belt on March 4 at AB Taekwondo ‘dojang’ in Slave Lake.

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