Alberta Party candidate pulls out; opportunity opens up

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Alberta political party that styles itself as ‘centrist’ is again looking for a candidate for the Lesser Slave Lake constituency. Judy Kim-Meneen, who was nominated for that position a few months ago, has decided it isn’t for her, and has withdrawn.

Kim-Meneen became the Alberta Party candidate back in the summer of 2018. The Leader profiled the Tallcree First Nation resident in an article in August and then didn’t hear from her – or anything about her – for a few months. In response to an email last week, Kim-Meneen said the demands of her candidacy “was creating strain on my family,” leading to her change of heart.

“I have two little ones, six and three years and I was away from home a lot,” she says. Having their mom away so much was, “not to their liking and not what they needed from me,” she adds. “Thus, I’ve had to make a very difficult decision to step down as the candidate.”

Kim-Meneen, who works in the field of education for the Peace Tribal Council, says she enjoyed the experience of being a candidate for as long as it lasted, and looks forward to working with whoever replaces her. She says there have been inquiries from people who are interested in the position.
“Please stay tuned for an announcement from your new candidate very soon,” she says.

The Alberta Party is led by former Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel.

Former candidate Judy Kim-Meneen

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