Alberta RCMP promoting intersection safety


To kick off the new year, the Alberta RCMP is promoting intersection safety. Often busy, high-traffic areas, intersections require motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to exercise caution and be mindful of the rules of the road.

According to the Government of Alberta, an average of 66 people die at intersections in Alberta every year and another 8,000 people are injured. Unsafe left turns, speeding, and violating traffic signals can all result in intersection accidents. Together, we can avoid these common errors and reduce the risk of collisions.

Obey traffic signs and signals. Make a full stop at red lights and stop signs, even when turning right. Always follow directions given by police officers over traffic signs or signals (Government of Alberta, 2020).

Pedestrians have the right of way in all marked or unmarked crosswalks. Before making a turn, ensure pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

At a three and four-way stops, the vehicle that arrives first goes first. If two vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle on the right should proceed first.

(Government of Alberta, 2020).

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