All about the cohorts

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

“We will have hockey this year!” that’s the rallying cry of Slave Lake Minor Hockey Association President Chris Taylor.

Actual hockey games are due to break out on Nov. 6, which is this coming Friday. That’s when the ‘tiering’ season is supposed to begin. Who is playing whom, though, we don’t know at this point. But somebody will play somebody, and will continue to do so up to Dec. 19, says Taylor.

“After that, new cohorts will (be) created with teams for regular season play.”

Which would commence after Christmas and New Year, let’s say.

How big the cohorts will be is not known, but as of now they have to be 50 players or fewer. Depending on how big the rosters are, that could be three teams or just two. Those teams would play each other several times; then take a two-week break and get after it with another cohort of 50. Unless the rules change by then.

The only example we have right now is what the Icedogs claimed to be doing before this weekend. They were in a two-team cohort with Fox Creek. Those teams were going to play each other about half a dozen times, before going into quarantine for 14 days. Then they were to do the same thing with another opponent. Presumably minor hockey would work in a similar fashion.

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