All hands on deck

The notion there could be an entirely new town council as of Oct. 19 is quite something to contemplate. You could have a rookie mayor overseeing a group of rookie councillors. They might not have graphs capable of depicting learning curves as steep as that.

But that’s the system. It is designed to refresh itself. The people decide, and we cope with the consequences, whatever they are.

One thing is for sure; an experienced and competent administration becomes even more important as a brand new council learns the ropes.

The timing of these elections could be better. No sooner is the new group sworn in than they have dive into the complex business of budgeting for the new year. In recent years, council has been putting in something like 80 extra hours of poring over line items and figuring out what’s what and how and if tweaks can be made. Occasionally a new councillor will be familiar with that sort of thing and actually thrive on it. More often, more likely, they are idealistic, big-picture types who don’t like numbers. Again, a lot of the burden for getting them through the process falls on senior administration.

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