An ember in your eavestrough

Speaking of wildfire, one question property owners should be asking themselves is this: if embers start falling out of the sky, what are the chances of something in my yard catching fire? The same question can be asked about a ground fire that comes creeping in. What will it find when it gets to your yard? Lots of easy stuff to burn, or not? Those things can make the difference between losing a shed, a barn or a house and not losing any of them.

If an ember falls in your eavestrough, what is it going to find? A lot of dry leaves and needles? Or not, because you clean it out every year.

Firewood stacked against the house? In 2011, airborne embers were starting fires in eavestroughs and in woodpiles, among other things. Even ornamental bark beds were bursting into flame.

Decks with flammable stuff stored under them? Same story.

Spruce and pine trees close to your buildings? Asking for trouble.

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