Another perspective on the Canyon Creek cat spat

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Two recent editions of The Leader featured stories about cat complaints in Canyon Creek from the point of view of the M.D. These were based on discussions at M.D. council meetings, with input from the M.D.’s peace officer. What provoked it was a complaint signed by seven Canyon Creek residents. It didn’t name the person or persons the authors blame for the situation and was sharply critical of the M.D. for not enforcing its bylaws.

Last week, one of the people who says he’s the target of some of the complaints visited The Leader to provide a different perspective on it.
“All my cats are fixed,” says Leo Tanghe. “I’ve got one cat left.”

Tanghe says a neighbour is trapping cats – his and others – and killing them.
“She knocked the heck out of my Siamese cat,” he says.

Tanghe says as far as his animals go “It’s not a cat thing. “It’s a grudge against me.” He says it goes back to a dispute about ownership of a lot.

There is another resident who does often have a lot of cats, Tanghe says. People know he will look after cats and they frequently drop unwanted cats off at or near his place because they know this. They are often pregnant and the number of cats can grow quickly. Tanghe and others have been helping the man to reduce the number.

“We took 15 of them to Edmonton,” he says.

Tanghe says the complaints about his animals are unjustified and annoying. He is in the business of traditional healing, using materials he collects in the bush. It’s a serious matter, he says, and “I need a clear mind for that,” and doesn’t need the aggravation. He said he’d just reported the situation to the M.D. and has spoken with the RCMP.

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