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Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

As of the first week in November, Jade Cormier had been in Slave Lake for just over a month. When she moved from Fort McMurray, she brought her photography business, Jade Lucina Photography, with her. She joins a variety of photography businesses in Slave Lake.

“I’ve had my business for the last two and a half years,” she says. “I started photography as a hobby, since I was in Grade 8.”

The Leader didn’t ask her age, but presumably that was a while before she started her business.

When Cormier started her business, she had enough people asking her to take their photo that it made sense. She mostly takes photos of people in various settings, including portraits, family pictures, couples, grads, and weddings.

“I’m a mobile photographer,” she says. “I can go to their house. If they don’t want to leave the comfort of their home, especially if they have younger ones.”

Asked how the business in Slave Lake is going, Cormier says, “It’s slowly getting there. I’ve had some interest in it, which has been really nice.”

Like many Slave Lake photographers, Cormier doesn’t do it full-time.

“Photography is pretty much my side job,” she says.

At the end of November, Cormier has something called ‘Christmas truck bed minis.’ She parks her truck, has props and people sign up for family pictures in the back of the truck.

“It was popular in the past for me, when I was at my previous location,” she says.

People interested in Jade Lucina Photography can find it on Facebook and Instagram.

Jade Cormier owner of Jade Lucina Photography. Photo courtesy of Cormier.

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