Anti-COVID measures starting to look merely punitive

It’s getting harder to figure out, not to mention justify, some of the harsher restrictions on people who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID. Even those who tend to accept the official version as probably the most sensible one are starting to have second thoughts.

Let’s consider the situation.

If it’s the case that vaccinated people can still catch, carry and transmit the virus, then what purpose does it serve to, say, send unvaccinated postal workers home?

Public safety? That argument had plenty of weight when most people weren’t vaccinated. But now?

To prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed with cases? Ditto.

So we have people being laid off from their jobs, being denied access to events and such, and not being able to travel. It’s starting to look more like the authorities just trying to make a point, rather than something that has any practical benefit to society. And it’s forcing second-class citizenship on people – at least some of whom are quite sincere in their dislike of the vaccine, mistakenly or not.

It still makes plenty of sense to insist people wear masks, sanitize their hands and so on. Simple precautions that should work, most of the time. But the ostracization of people who aren’t vaccinated is starting to look like overkill.

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