Asphalt plant gets the nod from MPC

Slave Lake Municipal Planning Commission

March 1, 2021 meeting

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The MPC’s monthly meeting was chaired by Sayed Shah. In attendance were town councillors Julie Brandle Brice Ferguson and Rebecca King, along with public member Jim Lund, and Samantha Dyck representing the town’s planning and development department. Missing were chair Shirley Torresan-Chykerda and Audrey Emes, who has stepped down.

Home-based business approvals

The board voted to grant permanent approval to a couple of six-month-old home-based businesses. Six months is the standard probationary period for one of these; that period is considered sufficient for the neighbours to have noticed any impact of the new business and to express their concerns. None were received in either case.

One business is a reiki practitioner, located in a home on 6th St. SW. The other is on Pioneer Dr. SW, and is called ‘Dragonfly’s Touch.’

“No complaints, etc.” said Dyck

Asphalt plant gets green light

For the second meeting in a row, the MPC dealt with an application for approval of an asphalt plant by Carwald Redi-Mix. At February’s meeting they, had asked for more details. Dyck had some. For example, how many decibels of noise the plant would produce at the source (80 – 105) and how much that would decline by, per metres away.

As for dust, the plant will employ a two-part bag filter system, which is supposed to capture “99 per cent or better” of dusty emanations.

As for odours, said Dyck, it’s expected the plant itself won’t release any, only “when asphalt is being poured into trucks.”

Ferguson asked what recourse there would be if, after approval, the smells do result in complaints from the neighbours.

“We would have to work with the landowners,” said Dyck. “We can’t just shut them down.”

Brandle pointed out that having already approved a similar application, the MPC couldn’t make too much of a fuss about this one. She also noted that years ago when problems arose from an asphalt plant, odour and dust controls were less effective.

Dyck agreed. The research she’d done showed tremendous improvement in that area in the past while.

The plant is proposed for the northeast industrial area.

The MPC voted in favour of the application.

Office space approved

The MPC approved an application to occupy office space at 100 Main St. SW – otherwise known as ‘the mall.’ KTC Child & Family Services is the applicant.

According to the written report, the applicant needs more space to meet with and provide services to their clients, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions.

The organization provides services to Woodland Cree, Loon River, Peerless/Trout and Lubicon communities.

Bulk fuel storage

A company in the NW industrial area wants to install a 50,000-litre fuel tank on its property. Application for planning permission was before the MPC for consideration.

The members had a few questions, including what sort of fuel would be stored (likely diesel) and whether the fire chief might have an opinion about it. The answer to that one was he’s okay with it if Alberta Safety Codes are.

“I know they’ll make sure it’s safe,” said Ferguson, making the motion to approve.

Side yard variance declined

The owner of a property on 6th Ave NW is in a sticky situation, having a non-compliant deck that was apparently approved by a past MPC or town council or both. Wanting to sell, and finding the non-compliant situation, the owner had applied for a variance.

Dyck’s advice for the board was that under the rules, the MPC has discretion in side-yard setbacks up to a 40 per cent variance. The one in question is 64 per cent beyond the required three metres. So her recommendation was to deny the application. Council voted accordingly.

Duplex application gets through

The MPC voted in favour of a re-zoning application for a lot on 12 St. SE, but not unanimously. Traffic at certain times of the day is bad enough as it is; this will make it worse, said King, who cast the dissenting vote.

The applicant is in the process of buying the corner lot and wants to build a semi-detached pair of dwellings on it. Both driveways will be off of 12 St.
“There’s a big parking issue already,” added King.

“I can’t imagine it would be great for snow removal either,” said Brandle.
However, the motion to approve passed.

The MPC is looking for one more member. The next meeting is Monday, April 12.

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