ATVs vs. residents: M.D. asked to help

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

At the Oct. 25 M.D. council meeting, Reeve Murray Kerik read a letter to the M.D. from a couple of residents of the west end of Widewater who are unhappy about what they see as excessive use of nearby trails by ATVs. The authors asked the M.D. to close down a former ‘dump road,’ and to consider also shutting off access via a fire break.
“It’s Crown land,” Kerik noted. “We have no jurisdiction.”
On the other hand, the M.D. could write to the land people in the provincial government asking them to consider doing something, he said.
“There’s also been complaints of people running wire,” said CAO Allan Winarski.
“And spike belts,” said councillor Jeff Commins.
“We’ve got trails south of the highway,” said Winarski. “It’s about respecting your neighbours. I don’t know what the solution would be,” he added. “But we can take a look.”
Councillor Brad Pearson said the area in question “is a go-to place back there,” for ATV riders with big engines and big tires, who like mud.
Winarski said M.D. peace officer Paul Mulholland has been out there with the RCMP to take a look.


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