Auditions for first Rex Theatre float in 21st Century

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“They did do floats in the ’80s,” says Jule Asterisk, one of the organizers of the Rex Theatre float for the All-In Slave Lake parade. However, this will be the first one in the 21st Century.

Asterisk, Frank Twin, his wife Daisy, and Wendy Daniels, pitched the idea of the float to the new owners of Rex Theatre in Slave Lake.
The public organization part of this is a bit bigger than the normal float, because it includes a fun audition on August 15 starting at 1 p.m. in the movie theatre. People are welcome to come out to watch the auditions.

The focus of the float is on movie characters.

People can come to the audition dressed up as “anything from the movies,” says Asterisk. They should also show off three moves the character will do on the float.

The three organizers interviewed were very excited about the dressing up portion of the event.

Asked why she’s helping organize the float, Daniels says “I just like dressing up really. Every now and then, you’ll probably see me around dressed up as something.”

Twin is a gamer and does cosplay. He often dresses up for the North Country Fair.

“It should be lots of fun,” says Asterisk. “I myself have way too many options.”

Asterisk has a large duffle bag of costumes, which she’ll bring to the audition in case people want to be involved, but don’t have their own costume. She also brought costumes to the interview (see photo).

The ad in last week’s Leader and the poster say 12 and older, but younger kids can also come.

Originally, because of safety with a regular trailer the idea was to have only older kids and adults, says Asterisk. However, the trailer is a bit lower than they thought and extra characters can walk along behind.

There will be three judges: a member of the Rex Theatre owner’s group, Town of Slave Lake Councillor Julie Brandle, and a representative from the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council.

The judging is for fun.

“We’re not after weeding people out,” says Asterisk. Part of the idea is to “gauge interest and organize the float,” she adds.

Rex Theatre parade float organizers with parts of some their options for movie character costumes and poses. Left to right, Wendy Daniels (generic elf), Frank Twin (Kung Fu Panda), and Jule Asterisk (a fairy from FernGully).

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