Be safe and smart about burning this winter season

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Wildfire season is over, but it is still important to be smart about winter burning. Wildfire information Officer for Slave Lake Leah Lovequist says no wildfires have been reported for the 2018-2019 winter season. She says wildfire firefighters are still available to respond to fire over the winter.

“We encourage anyone who happens to see a winter fire to call 310-FIRE to report it.”

Lovequist adds it is a good time to do brush pile and windrow burning, because of the snow on top of the ground.

Fire permits are not required in the winter, explains Lovequist, but each person is responsible for his or her own fire. She says following safe burning practices will help prevent holdover fires that can start spring wildfires.

Although the snow helps reduce the risk of the fire burning into the ground, burners are strongly advised to check all winter burn sites before March 1 to ensure that the fire is out. Walk the burn area and roll over any debris to check for hot spots.

Lovequist also mentions applications for wildland firefighters were due on November 30. Candidates will be sent to Edmonton shortly for required fitness training prior to the interview process. She says there are also a variety of seasonal jobs available for the 2019 season.

To check out what is available, visit

Smoke from brush pile fire this winter season.
Photo courtesy of: Wildfire Information Officer Leah Lovequist

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