Beautiful Gardens 2020

Two neighbours in a four-plex in the southeast of Slave Lake were nominated together, for the fourteenth and likely final Beautiful Garden 2020.
The one garden belongs to Cheryl Hunt.
The other to Claudia Lujan and Juan Pugliese.
In our yard, Claudia did 99 per cent of the work, says Juan.

Juan Pugliese and Claudia Lujan behind a sage and petunia pot by their door.
A salmon pink lily. Hunt also has white ones.
This week’s mystery flower – clusters of lavender or lilac-coloured flowers.
Black beard penstemon.
Fire light hydrangea. They start out white, and get pinker and redder throughout the late summer and early fall.
Purple fountain grass and wicked witch coleus in a pot by Cheryl’s front door.
Sage blossom
Cheryl Hunt’s dog Grizzly next to some bobo hydrangeas. Cheryl chose not to be photographed.

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