Beautiful Gardens 2020

The ninth beautiful garden in our 2020 series belongs to Judy Spilak of Marten Beach. It extends around all four sides of her home and was full of pretty and interesting features when we paid a visit in the middle of July.

Judy Spilak stands behind a flowering plant that looks as if it belongs in the tropics. She’s not sure of its name, but it could be brugmansia, or angel trumpet flower.
An elevated view of a portion of the Spilak garden. The fences are to keep the deer out of the flower beds.
A wagonload of pansies.
A hibiscus blossom resplendent in a hanging pot in the Spilak garden.
This nook in the back yard is in memory of the late Walter Spilak.
Another highlight of the Spilak garden in Marten Beach, with plants whose names we don’t know. But it could include gazania, calendula, lobelia and maybe salvia.
This aster-like flower could well be a variant of rudbeckia, one of which is black-eyed susan. On the other hand, it could be an African daisy!

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