Beautiful Gardens 2020

Chris and Dan Rose of Marten Beach have one of those beautiful gardens that nobody much sees unless they are invited into the back. Once you are, you find a lot going on back there!
Time is running out on the 2020 garden season, but if you have a beautiful garden you would like featured, or know of someone who does, please give us a call at 780-849-4380.

It may be a Rose garden, but its dominant flower is the Lily, including this beauty.
Prickly pear cactus seems to like its spot up against the house.
The broad view, upon entering the back yard of Chris and Dan Rose’s place in Marten Beach.
And vegetables on top of everthing else, including cucumbers (in the greenhouse) and pumpkins.
Chris Rose (who declined to be photographed) is particularly happy with this arrangement, having discovered the creeping jenny just this year.
A bed along the river side of the yard, with lilies, lobelias, marigolds and more.
All the thyme in the world, with bees buzzing all through it.

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