Beautiful Gardens of 2023

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Helmut and Antje (pronounced Angie) Wolff bought their Kinuso home in 2008 to retire. At that time, the house had burnt down, and it had very little landscaping. They moved in an old school, and Helmut went to work. His projects included planting blue spruces, other trees, vegetables and flowers. Now the yard has various nooks and crannies for relaxation and to enjoy various types of plants.

At 85 years old, Helmut is still busy making their yard just right. Antje enjoys deadheading and working with the flowers when she feels up to it.

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Window boxes and flowerbeds on the side of the house.
Helmut likes to refurbish metal railings that his children find in the dump, with some stunning results like this one on a fence. The window basket is on the front yard side of the fence.
A water feature in the backyard.
The Wolffs moved to Canada from Germany in the early 1980s. Helmut made concrete planters such as this one on a stone in the front yard.
The tomatoes are Helmut’s favourite part of the garden. He eats one tomato every day.
Rose blossoms in the front yard.
Driftwood, an eagle statue, blue spruce, and some flowers in the front yard. Helmut removed all of the grass and put in gravel so he doesn’t have to mow.
The Wolff yard in Kinuso has lots of trees, bushes, and other types of plants which birds enjoy. Here’s one at the bird feeder. The CDs scare the magpies away.
A purple cabbage.
Mandevilla growing in a tall cement planter that Helmut made.

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