Becky Peiffer running for second term on M.D. council

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Incumbent Becky Peiffer is running for a second term in Division I of the M.D. of Lesser Slave River.

Peiffer’s goal is to be “a strong voice for the residents,” she says. “The first three years was a learning curve, so now I have more focused plans.”

These plans include housing and land opportunities, advocating for seniors and volunteer groups, the Smith bridge, recreation, support for Smith School, and continued partnership with neighbouring municipalities.

Smith area needs more housing, says Peiffer. The M.D.’s new land use bylaw should “streamline” the development process.

On the volunteer front, Peiffer has been volunteering with SHARA for around 30 years.

During Peiffer’s time on council, the M.D. took up some of the slack from the province regarding funding for Gentle Ben and other supports for seniors.

“The bridge’s end of life is 2028,” says Peiffer, referring to the Smith bridge. This bridge crosses the Athabasca river and connects Smith with the farms and acreages in Moose Portage on the other side of the river.

When it comes to recreation, Peiffer is excited about an ongoing project for an outdoor ice rink in Smith.

The project will include “ice skating and hopefully a curling sheet,” she says. This will bring “much needed recreation for the youngsters around here.”

While this project is still in the community consultation stage, Smith has other recreation options which Peiffer thinks add a lot to the community.

“Smith is a beautiful place for equine and ATV trails,” she says. It also has an indoor and outdoor riding arena. The Traildusters group has held gymkhanas in the area for around 40 years.

Also, on the recreation front, while on M.D. council Peiffer was involved in advocating with the provincial government to keep three provincial recreation areas open. These are Chain, Fawcett, and Lawrence Lakes.

Peiffer is committed to make sure that these “remain in public hands,” she says.

Division I covers the eastern portion of the M.D. from Smith-Hondo to Flatbush and communities in between.

“I’ve lived all over the M.D.,” says Peiffer.

In 1977, she moved to Slave Lake with her family. At 18, she moved to Canyon Creek. Later she lived on Bayer Road and Slave Lake. For just shy of 30 years, she’s lived east of Smith on Otter Creek Road.

Peiffer and her husband, Gerald, have a farm. They have three grown children.

“We raise registered appaloosas and quarter horses,” says Peiffer.

Peiffer plans on attending the candidate forum.

Becky Peiffer

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