Best arena grub in northern Alberta?

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Susan’s Kitchen, the snack bar in Slave Lake’s Multi Rec Centre, has been getting some glittering reviews recently. So much so that we thought we’d better look into it.

When it comes to arena food concessions, apparently it stands out.

“The best in northern Alberta, that’s what I’m hearing,” says Brad Pearson, the M.D. councillor from Canyon Creek. “You should do a story about it.”

We got no disagreement from anybody else we talked to.

“I would agree,” says Shawn Gramlich, town councillor and noted hockey fan. “The selection and quality is through the roof.”

Tasha Albert, who is a hockey mom and also happened to be the tournament lead on the group that organized the recent U13 Tier 2 Provincials in Slave Lake, goes even further.

“We travel every weekend,” she says. “Susan’s Kitchen is the best by far. It’s not even a contest.”

Owned by Susan Cadaba and Clayton Crory, Susan’s Kitchen has been in business at the arena for five years.

Going flat out

No restaurant crew was working harder than the team at Susan’s Kitchen at Slave Lake’s Multi Rec Centre the past couple of weekends, with two big hockey tournaments in a row. Pictured are co-owner Susan Cadaba, front left, with her partner Clayton Crory behind her. Next to her is Joanna Placido and back right is super griller Bon Cadaba.

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