Beware of fake mammography

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working with the RCMP to warn women in northern Alberta to be aware of misleading telephone calls regarding breast cancer results.

As of Jan. 25, AHS received reports of a man calling two women, one in Barrhead and one in Slave Lake, claiming to be from a medical imaging facility. The caller relayed breast exam results and implied that routine follow-up required the women to immediately perform a breast self-exam while on the phone. The caller also asked for personal information.

AHS and RCMP were informed of similar calls of this nature, in the summer of 2017. No further incidents were reported until one phone call on Jan. 21, 2018 and a second on January 25, 2018.

Although AHS representatives may call to discuss mammography details, they will never ask a patient to conduct a breast self-exam over the phone.

If you receive a phone call of this nature, please hang up, note the time and any other call details and do the following:

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