Big Christmas present for seniors

Thanks to a very successful online fundraising plea, the residents of Vanderwell Heritage Place in Slave Lake will soon be enjoying their isolation a bit more with the help of a 100-inch TV. According to lodge activities coordinator Tanya Dixon (left), the new piece of equipment will not only allow residents to view Netflix shows and such, but to have video interactions with family members.
Suzanne Campbell (right), initiated the fundraiser, teaming up with Kelly Adelman (second from left) of Prax Enterprises and before you know it, $10,000 had been raised. Whitecap and Prax were significant contributors, but there were lots more. Lodge manager Suzanne Olscamp (third from left) says after purchasing the TV for the lodge, the remainder of the money will be split between Points West Living and the long-term care facility at the Slave Lake Health Care Centre. In both cases, she says, there’s a need for craft supplies and Christmas decorations.
Thanks to the lodge being off-limits these days to visitors, the photo had to be taken outdoors, but the residents took part by gathering at the windows of the dining room.

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