Big issues for town/resort

The Town of Slave Lake and the owners of Big Fish Bay Resort have got their work cut out for them, figuring out how to make things work for all concerned. One of the concerned parties is the Slave Lake resident/taxpayer, whose interest the town represents.

The resort owners want to renegotiate the lease. What changes they’ll be proposing we haven’t heard, but based on the presentation at last week’s town council meeting, tax rates will likely be part of it. Another aspect of those talks will almost certainly have to do with public access to the beach.

It is a public beach. Unrestricted access to it has always been part of the deal, whoever the campground operator was. But as council heard the other night, free access brings with it all sorts of headaches for the people who rent RV spaces.

Big Fish Bay is growing by leaps and bounds. They’ve got a good thing going there, and if they ever get permission to add a marina, the sky will be the limit.

Being next door to 6,500 people with their own interests and priorities brings opportunities for the business, but also problems. Good luck to the parties in hashing out something that works.

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