Big Lakes council kiboshes campground

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Faust residents have spoken. Letters from more than 30 residents opposed to a proposed private, 10-unit campground in a residential area of the hamlet helped Big Lakes County council put an end to the plan.

At its July 8 meeting, council defeated a motion to give first reading to a bylaw to amend the Faust area structure plan. The recommendation was to redistrict a 22-acre property to allow 10 sites for rec vehicles for the owner’s family members. Council voted unanimously (9 – 0) against the motion.

“The message has been received loud and clear,” said councillor Don Charrois.

“We have to listen to the people,” said reeve Richard Simard. “Since I’ve been on council, this is the most comments and emails I’ve received on one issue.”

Three residents spoke to the council during the public forum. One of them, Shelly Gladue, said, “a campsite is a campsite is a campsite. No matter how attractive you make it seem or what way you spin it, commercial or personal, it’s a campsite and has no place in a residential area.”

Gladue went on to suggest that the family in question could patronize existing local campgrounds when they visit.

Ken McNeil also spoke at the hearing. The wishes of the applicant should not supersede the reasons behind the zoning, he said.

“This designation was provided to the community of Faust in order to protect it from the whims of individuals who do not understand the well-thought-out reasons for maintaining a residential designation,” McNeil said.

Letters received by the county also expressed concern about noise, increased traffic, safety and that the development would disrupt their quality of life.

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