Big Lakes County permits cabins on farmland

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Cabins are now allowed on farmland in Big Lakes County, following a council decision on Oct. 12.

Council approved an amendment to the county’s land-use bylaw after not receiving any objections to the proposed change at a quiet public hearing.

The bylaw now lists cabins on farmland as a permitted use, rather than discretionary.

Councillor Jeff Chalifoux asked if the bylaw states a limit on the size of a cabin. Not as it’s written, said county director of Planning and Development Pat Olansky.

What the bylaw does specify, however, is that the permitted cabin cannot be built on a permanent foundation.

Chalifoux then asked if the bylaw limits the number of cabins on one property.

Only the first cabin is permitted, Olansky said. Any subsequent cabins would be regarded as “discretionary use,” she added.

The matter arose weeks previously, after the county received a number of development permit applications to place cabins on properties in the agricultural district. During discussion at its Sept. 14 meeting, some councillors agreed the number of cabins per property should be limited.

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