Big Lakes County will review Lakeshore hamlet plans in April

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Proposed area structure plans for Faust, Grouard and Joussard will be presented for public review this month. Sessions are scheduled for Joussard on Apr. 10, Faust on Apr. 11 and Grouard Apr. 12.

At its Feb. 28 meeting Big Lakes County council heard the results from an earlier set of public meetings, held in January. Faust residents supported a vision to promote a quiet community, while preserving history and natural beautiful landscape.

“However, there was a strong emphasis to strengthen the preservation of the natural areas,” the report from the consultant states.

Some residents want to see the core area expanded to incorporate properties that are part of the original settlement. A number of respondents provided policy-level recommendations, such as delineating size requirements for hobby farms, maintaining views of the lake and improving lake access.

Most respondents in Grouard agreed with the vision statement that promotes ‘a community of timeless potential that embraces and builds upon the breathtaking natural scenery and rich history, to enrich itself as an interactive destination and place to call home.’
Respondents also suggested that in 20 to 40 years Grouard could be a beautiful place, but with new ideas and municipal, provincial and federal government intervention.

Joussard residents supported a vision of a close-knit and friendly lakefront community that balances sensible development and the responsibility to preserve the community’s history and natural environment.

Many respondents recommended use of all-terrain vehicles and golf carts on public roadways; also to protect the environment on land designated as parks. Support for recreation and agriculture was also expressed.

Open houses in January attracted 23 people in Faust, seven in Grouard and 17 in Joussard.

An area structure plan (ASP) provides a framework for development for a specific area for a 20-year period. Existing ASPs for the hamlets were adopted in 2006 (Faust), 2009 (Grouard) and 2001 (Joussard). The boundaries of Joussard have changed since 2001.

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