Broadband big for senator hopeful

Leader staff

Likely most Albertans don’t know much about the senatorial candidates, which is why one of them – Pam Davidson – has been traveling around trying to improve her chances. She also has been reaching out to community newspapers.

Davidson says she’s been developing an interest in politics the past half dozen years or so. She’s gotten the impression in that period that Albertans and rural ones in particular, are not well represented by elected leaders. She thinks she can do better and wants to do it as a senator. The first step is getting elected by Albertans. The next (and far from a sure thing) would be getting appointed by the Prime Minister.

Davidson and her husband run a farm west of Red Deer. She says the #1 issue she would tackle if elected (and appointed) would be rural broadband. She hears about it (and experiences it) everywhere she goes. That includes on a recent road trip through Slave Lake that went as far north as LaCrete.

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