Brooke and Kailyn – your wrestling medalists

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Wrestling is alive and well at Roland Michener School in Slave Lake and both boys and girls are participating. Some are holding their own at regional and even provincial competitions.

For example: as reported last week, Brooke Evans and Kailyn Sherrard won medals at the Alberta Winter Games in Airdrie last month. We stopped by a wrestling practice last week to ask them about it.

Brooke says she wrestled five times in the AWG tournament, winning four of them and losing one. That was good for a bronze medal in the Girls 70kg division.

“I love it,” says the Grade 7 student in her first year of wrestling, when asked how she finds the sport. Her favourite moves are “arm bars and half nelsons.” She says she has no more tournaments left in this school year, but is looking forward to plenty of competition next season.

Sherrard (pronounced something like ‘Sherd’) also wrestled in the 70kg division at the Winter Games. As it turned out, because her teammate Brooke was competing as a ‘fill-in’ for another team, they ended up wrestling each other. Kailyn says she didn’t like having to grapple with her teammate, but that didn’t stop her from doing what it took to win.

“I pinned her,” she says.

Sherrard’s silver medal came on the strength of three wins and two losses in the tournament. She’s a second-year Ram and is in Grade 9.

She also likes wrestling very much and speaks of the commitment to fitness it takes to do well in it. The team experience is a big thing for her as well.

“The team is sort of like a second family to me,” she says.

Kailyn is hoping to qualify for a national championship tournament.

Brooke Evans
Kailyn Sherrard

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