Brown of the Town throws down challenge to Leader, Boom FM

To the Editor:

In the Wednesday March 7th edition, of the Lakeside Leader, on “The Page” you wrote about the upcoming Rotary Club of Slave Lake NHL Playoff Pool, and the pool within a pool. The Media Challenge, which you mention, is taking place between local media organizations, but what you forgot to mention is that other communications related organizations are taking part as well.

The Town’s communications team, of one, is partaking in this year’s media challenge. Maybe it was an oversight on your part, or maybe you thought that being a team of one I wouldn’t put up a fight.

Maybe like your joke in last week’s paper, also on Page 9, you didn’t clearly plan for someone of my caliber to take on the Mainstream Media, and really you’re all Fake News.

I wouldn’t have said anything if pizza wasn’t on the line, but you better not count your chickens McWilliams. If you think that prize is yours to walk away with you will be sorely mistaken.

While you may have a team to help you, I will remind you that it only takes one person to topple an army.

And if Boom FM doesn’t take up the challenge and just sits on their hand maybe it shows how chicken they are. Maybe they are all talk and no action! Maybe they realize radio personalities actually know nothing about Canada’s national pastime.

As Sherlock said to Watson in The Adventures of the Abbey Grange, “The game is afoot.” I look forward to seeing the Lakeside Leader eat crow after this is all done, and enjoy my spoils of war.

Christopher Brown
Slave Lake, AB

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