Can we do something to help a B.C. town?

Last week, the news about the flood damage in southern B.C. just kept getting worse by the day. First it was just highways washed out. Then it grew and images of flooded farms and stranded livestock started showing up, as well as news of a few human fatalities. Whole livelihoods washed away.

Naturally enough, the question comes up: Can we do anything to help?

Dennis Barton of Slave Lake is one of those asking the question. Given all the help that poured in for our community after the 2011 wildfire disaster, the answer is certainly a big yes!

Barton’s idea is to pick a particular town that has been hard hit, reach out and see if we can organize something to help there.

Town council should get involved, he says.

The project would need some local leadership. He’d do it himself if he was five years younger.

The willingness to help is certainly there. What’s needed is a local champion, a plan of action and away it goes.

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