Canadians deserve better on Trans Mountain

To the Editor:

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau was given multiple opportunities in Edmonton to outline his plan to get the Trans Mountain Expansion built and Canadians back to work. Instead, he chose to rely on empty rhetoric. That is unacceptable. The Federal Court of Appeal couldn’t have been clearer: he and his government failed. Now, Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for a $4.5 billion pipeline and because of Justin Trudeau’s failure it may not ever be built.

Thousands of workers have lost their jobs because of Justin Trudeau’s failure. They deserve federal leadership and a clear plan. When will construction start and when will this project be completed?

Clearly the Liberals were completely unprepared for the court’s decision and are now scrambling. How can the Prime Minister tell Albertans that ‘he gets it’ while refusing to come clean. Worse still, Justin Trudeau’s failure to get the Trans Mountain Expansion built is now threatening other expansions in the oil and gas sector, adding to the total number of jobs at risk. Albertans, and indeed all Canadians, deserve better.

Shannon Stubbs,
MP for Lakeland

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