Candidates for M.D. council

There are three separate elections going on for M.D. of Lesser Slave River council: one in each of the two electoral divisions (or wards) and one for the position of reeve. Three councillor positions are available from each of the two divisions. Residents of one ward can only vote for those running in their ward. All eligible voters in the M.D. can vote for reeve.


Div. I

Robert Esau
Esau is seeking his third term on council. He’s a mostly-retired farmer and lumberman and life-long resident of Flatbush.

Darren Fulmore
Another two-term M.D. councillor, Fulmore raises cattle near Smith, where he has resided for the past 26 years.

Sandra Melzer
A newcomer to municipal politics, Sandra Melzer is a Flatbush resident, farmer, hairdresser and Ag Service Board chair.

Garry Horton
If elected, this would be Horton’s third (non-consecutive) term on council. He’s a retired farmer and greenhouse business operator from Moose Portage.

Becky Peiffer
Peiffer lives and raises horses east of Smith. She’s lived there for about 25 years and is seeking her first term on council.


Div. II council candidates

Jeff Commins
Commins, a business owner and resident of Wagner, has a term of council experience (2010-13). He ran for reeve last time.

Charlotte Measor
A newcomer to municipal politics, Measor is a Canyon Creek resident with an interest and some experience in community organization and development.

Munir Mughal
A business owner in Slave Lake and Red Earth Creek, Mughal sees ‘getting involved’ as a much better option than just complaining about the way things are. He lives in the Poplar Lane area.

Brad Pearson
Life-long Canyon Creek resident Brad Pearson is looking for his second term on M.D. council. His candidate profile appears elsewhere in this paper.

Brian Rosche
Rosche is the man with the most experience: he’s running for a fifth term on council, having served continuously since 2004. He’s from Widewater.


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