Canyon Creek man has stroke, gets stuck overseas

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Local Greg Oslund is stuck in Pattaya City, Thailand after having a stroke which has left him partially paralyzed and with infection.
Family friend, Mike Scott, told us here at The Leader that Oslund works in Sudan, Africa and because he was injured in Thailand his (Oslund’s) health insurance is null in void.
“Unfortunately, as Greg was not hospitalized in the country that he works in his insurance coverage will not cover any expenses,” he says. “This makes it necessary to help cover any hospital expenses as well as an eventual trip back to Canada.”
According to Scott, Oslund’s brother Bill Oslund is with him and is trying to raise funds to help with medical costs.
“He (Greg) is currently in hospital being cared for lung infection, low oxygen count, breathing with aid from a respirator, and can’t speak but can understand what people are saying,” he says. “We all know what kind of heart Greg has. He’d literally offer you his coat while he stands there freezing. Greg needs our help!”
Scott has set up a GoFundMe site where individuals can pledge donations that will go towards Oslund’s recovery.
“We have had more than $7,000 donated so far – but that’s really only a drop in the bucket,” says Scott. “Twenty bucks is fine and fully appreciated. I cannot stress enough that any donation, no matter the amount is so important. I’m going to challenge any of our oil patch friends to meet or beat the $1,000 that I’m pledging. Greg has a long road ahead. Let’s make it a bit less complicated for him and his family.”
Visit for more information and to make any donations.

In the picture above is Greg Oslund in his hospital bed in Thailand. Call Mike Scott 403-358-6821 for more information on how you can help.


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