Capital projects for 2021 in Slave Lake

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Town of Slave Lake’s capital budget for 2021 includes 42 projects, valued at $6.5 million. According to the report in council’s March 16 agenda package, these include:

Downtown revitalization ($401,000), fire hall waterline and internet upgrades ($200,000), drainage system upgrades ($180,000), SCADA (control system at the water plant) upgrades ($110,000), sidewalk rehab ($100,000) flood pump ($60,000), engineering for an upgrade to 3rd St. SW ($40,000), security upgrade for the town yard ($33,000).

These are all new projects for 2021, and only a partial list.

Also in the capital budget is money for projects that started in previous years. The biggest is the $2.575 million sewage lift station, although this year’s work on that multi-year project is only $400,000.

The Gloryland road re-building and paving, budgeted at $2.19 million, is due to be completed this year (See Page 6).

Also budgeted for carryover capital projects this year is $55,000 for the swimming pool, $50,000 for water treatment plant office upgrades, $10,000 for conversion of the old town shop, $238,000 for government centre roof repairs, $100,000 for new playground equipment at Poplar Park, $40,000 for a pedestrian crossing of Hwy. 88 at Caribou Trail and $1.4 million for a new sewer line from Lift Station C (near The Gathering Place) over to Main St. The existing line “is not keeping up with the load requirements.”

Downtown revitalization: This includes leveling off Rennie Hall Plaza and replacing concrete with “revitalized walking areas.” It also includes, oddly enough, a walking trail connection between the Big Fish Bay entrance and 6th Ave. NW.
Fire hall waterline and internet upgrades: This enables the Regional Fire Service to scale up its training facility. It is already being used by outside groups for training courses, which is a source of revenue for the town. The station’s current supply (a single two-inch water line) isn’t even sufficient to fill trucks in a timely fashion – particularly if the training facility is being used at the same time. The internet upgrade is also needed for training purposes. (These two items are actually separate in the budget.)

Drainage upgrades: ditch grading and revised elevations so as to reduce pooling in the southwest and northeast quadrants of town, which have problems during heavy rainfall events.

3rd St. SW: The section between 2 Ave and 6 Ave SW is slated for rehabilitation in 2022. This year’s portion is for the engineering.

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