Chamber shifts focus to outdoor show

Gord Fortin
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce will now be shifting its focus to the Outdoor Adventure Trade Show.

Chamber president Francesca Giroux told members that since the business excellence awards gala is done, full attention can now move to the trade show, which will take place on May 4 and 5 at the MRC.

Giroux reported that the chamber is looking to fill both arenas, the CNRL Field House and the lobby. The second arena has been rented by the six local vehicle dealerships. This includes automobiles as well a recreational vehicle dealers. That arena will be used only by these vendors, who plan on bringing in a large number of vehicles.

Giroux said the field house will house vendors that are home-based businesses. It will have a farmer’s market feel.

As for what the most requested type of vendor, Giroux said people want to see guns. She will be approaching the Slave Lake Rod and Gun Club to see if they would interested in being part of this. The idea would be to have taxidermy type displays to go with the gun and hunting theme.

The chamber will also be approaching High Prairie to see how they do their trade show, which follows a similar theme. The High Prairie Show seems to be doing well. Giroux doesn’t expect to be able to replicate their success right off the bat, but she can find out who she needs to talk to.

“It’s about building contacts,” Giroux said.

The goal would be to make the Outdoor Adventure Trade Show like the High Prairie event to appeal to the same vendors.

Ali Mouallem, of Alimo’s Pizzaria, said the idea of the trade show is to provide displays and vendors that appeal to both men and women. He elaborated on the outdoor theme saying that there should be displays of camping equipment, fire pits and patio sets for example.

Giroux said she is working at getting more food vendors. Mr. Mikes Steakhouse will be in the canteen but she is open to the idea of outdoor food trucks. Power will be available to all booths.

As for other events, Giroux touched briefly upon the Block Party that will be coming up on July 6. Food vendors will be charged a little extra to pay for cleanup and security. This should encourage more people to take that seriously.

This discussion took place during the Feb. 26 membership meeting at the Slave Lake Inn and Conference Centre Medallion Room.

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