Children’s sleep consultant business open in Slave Lake

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Sleep is something that everyone needs. It can be especially challenging for people with small children.

Slave Laker Kyla Soloshy opened The Rested Baby Co. in January. This was right after she completed a Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program at the Family Sleep Institute in New York.

“I did that through COVID,” she says. “It typically is virtual, but they did have to change a few things.”

Soloshy was born and raised in Slave Lake. She is a mother of two and a full-time wellness coach at one of the elementary schools in town.

“I have roots here and an understanding of the area,” she says. “I see what is needed. My goal is to not only help babies and young children sleep better, but also teach parents why sleep is so important.”

Soloshy and many of the people she knows have small children.

Soloshy’s first child was an “awful sleeper,” she says, so she started to do research online. This experience showed her how many different opinions were out there and how hard it was to find useful information. After her second child was born, she decided that a sleep consultant was something that people in the Slave Lake area needed.

There are a couple of other sleep consultants in Alberta, she says, but she hasn’t met them. She has, however, connected with graduates from the program in her class and others around the world. She’s gotten to know other sleep consultants in Egypt, the States, Ontario, and New Caledonia, which is near Australia.

At the moment, Soloshy is part of a mentorship program with other sleep consultants in BC, Hawaii and other places.

Getting trained is one thing; running a business is another.

“I haven’t had any clients, yet,” says Soloshy, but for her final project she had to work with three families. She worked with each of these families for two weeks, which is a pretty common support package for sleep consultants.

“I’m working on the business side of things,” Soloshy says. She based her rates on what other Alberta sleep consultants charge. She’s made a website – – and is on Facebook and Instagram. She’s also started a blog.

Consulting sessions are online, says Soloshy, and this will likely continue once the pandemic is over, which means that geography isn’t a barrier.

Kyla Soloshy, child sleep consultant and owner of The Rested Baby Co. in Slave Lake.

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