Clamping down

The M.D. of Opportunity and Bigstone Cree Nation have teamed up to come down hard on COVID in Calling Lake. It makes sense they would cooperate, because it would be pretty useless to try to do something in one part of a community if the rules were different right next door.

So as of about two weeks ago, a curfew was imposed across the community. Gatherings of any size at all were banned, and according to the announcement by M.D. Reeve Marshall Auger, bylaw officers would be patrolling and issuing tickets for non-compliance.

This was all in response to a surge in COVID case numbers in Calling Lake.
Needless to say, the strict measures don’t please everyone. One correspondent tells The Leader the accusation has been expressed that Auger presented the ‘shelter in place’ concept as a legal requirement, when the bylaw states it as a recommendation.

It could be taken that way. But it also could be taken as merely a strong encouragement. The M.D. and Bigstone are clamping down on gatherings; that’s the message.

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