Community effort

Many hands make light work, they say – or at least lighter work. Thirty-one volunteers from the community of Marten Beach joined M.D. employees on April 17 and 18 and filled nearly 2,000 sandbags. Helping out was a sandbag-filling machine on loan from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. The work went on for a total of 10 hours over those two days. The M.D.’s director of field services, Ryan Tufts, said it was a “very productive crew.”
What happens now, Tufts says, is the M.D. “will start placing pallets in the low-lying areas for residents to use as they need. M.D. crews have already filled approximately 1,200 sandbags and deployed them in crucial low-lying areas along the Marten River.”
There is also a stockpile of sandbags now staged at Poplar Lane, Tufts adds, “to shore up Eating Creek if needed.”
In related news, the M.D. also filled in some washed-out areas along Marten River behind a retaining wall with a combination of clay and rocks, and repaired a section of retaining wall.

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