Community Futures LSL under new management

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

It’s been a busy year for local Josh Friesen, co-owner of Cast + Court, board member of various non-profits and now general manager of Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region (CSLSL).
“I was fortunate to have worked in two previous positions with CFLSL, the first being the business support network (BSN) co-ordinator and the second as the business analyst,” he says. “The experience was invaluable, and I’ve grown a lot. When the position (general manager) opened I was a little hesitant to apply for it as I knew it would be a great challenge, but in the end, I felt I had the right personality and drive for the position.”
As general manager, Friesen says he’s responsible for an array of things inside the office.
“My daily activities vary a lot as I have a hand in everything my team does. Primarily we offer loans to business who can’t get financing though a traditional lender for start-up, expansion, or to buy an existing business,” he says. “We also work on various community and private projects such as the business support network, facilitation contracts, surveys, census’, feasibility studies, market research and strategic planning, to name a few. All in all, we keep very busy but always have time to stay in touch with our communities.”
Friesen adds, “Working in the GM role for CFLSL has proven challenging but so rewarding. I love being able to work with communities to achieve economic growth. We have a wealth of knowledge to pull from our board of directors, so every challenge that comes our way we receive a great amount of support. Over all it has been an enlightening, worthwhile experience and I am so excited to see how both myself and CFLSL can grow in the future.”
In other Community Futures news, the BSN hosted a Toastmasters demonstration earlier this month for locals to practice their public speaking skills. Community engagement co-ordinator Robin-Lee Vance, says 17 people attended the session at the Lesser Slave Lake Visitor Information Centre (VIC).
“Community Futures and the Slave Lake Regional Business Support Network (BSN) have identified the Toastmasters program as a partner to help local business people and residents to improve their speaking and leadership skills,” she says. “This meeting included a speech “Why be a Toastmaster?” by Leslie Penny of the Pembina Toastmasters club, several table topics, mini speeches and an evaluation of all the speakers. In her speech, Leslie said that the Toastmasters programs helps you to meet your goals as a public speaker, helps with self-confidence and impromptu speaking.”
The newly-formed Lesser Slave Lake Toastmasters will meet on Tuesday October 24th and October 31st at the VIC boardroom from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 pm.
If you are interested call 780-849-3232.

Josh Friesen

Locals gathered inside the VIC for a lesson in public speaking hosted by Toastmasters earlier in October.


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